History 7 Warm-ups
Semester 1

Warm-ups are given to the students each day at the beginning of class. The students are expected to read the warm-up question on the board and then answer it in at least one paragraph. After approximately 10 minutes-15 minutes of writing, the question is discussed with the whole class. This discussion gives the students the opportunity to add to their answers if they so choose. At the end of the week, the warm-ups are turned in to the teacher for credit. The grade is determined by the number of questions answered and the quality of the answers. Students may make up or redo the questions for a better grade.

Warm-Up Questions

Week of 8/29
(First Week Not graded, but checked)

1. Why do we study history? What is your favorite time in history?

2. Read the following quotation and then explain what it means. "When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world." (Harold Kushner)

3. What makes you "unique?" What are your special talents? How can your talents help others today and in the future?

4. Goofus has an ugly notebook. It is messy, unorganized, and missing pages and assignments. What does this say about Goofus? What does the way your work is presented say about you?

Week of 9/6

5. What do you know or remember about ancient Rome?

6. Read the section about Roman laws and citizenship on pages 25 and 26. Who could be a citizen? What were the advantages and disadvantages of being a citizen?

7. What do you know about the September 11, 2001 attack on America?

Week of 9/12

8. What is your definition of a "hero?" Are there different kinds of heroes? Do you have a hero? Explain.

9. Who was Augustus Caesar? How did he influence Rome's government?

10. What were Rome's greatest achievements? Which was most important?

11. In what way is Roman society similar to today? How have they influenced us?

Week of 9/19

12. In order to protest certain issues, some sports players are not standing during the National Anthem. Do you believe this is right? Explain.

13. How did the ancient Romans view Christianity? How and why did their situation change?

14. How and why was the city of Constantinople created? Why would this be a good location?

15. Why did the Goths invade Roman territory? How did the Romans try to stop them? What did the Goths accomplish?

Week of 9/26

16. Tonight is the first debate between the 2016 presidential candidates. What qualifications and attributes should a president possess? Explain.

17. What were the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire? What do you think was the main reason? Explain.

18. In what ways was Eastern Roman Christianity different from Western Roman Christianity?

19. What were the main differences between the Western Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire?

Week of 10/3

20. Why are some people homeless? What can we do to help the homeless?

21.What were some of the Byzantine emperor Justinian's accomplishments?

22.In what way has the Roman Empire influenced today's world?

23. Who was Theodora? What did she do? What does her role say about women in the Byzantine Empire?

Week of 10/10

24. What is the Supreme Court? Why is the the Supreme Court important? What type of person should be on the Supreme Court?

25.Describe the artistic achievements of the Byzantine Empire.

26.What did you find most interesting about Rome?

27. What are the correct procedures for an earthquake drill? How should you act?

Week of 10/17

28. What is "Global Warming?" How can it affect the environment?

29. What do you know about Arabia and Islam?

30.Describe the geography of Arabia?

31. What two types of people would you find in ancient Arabia? Which would you want to be? Explain.

Week of 10/24

32. What is your definition of a "brave" person? Who, in your opinion, is "brave?" Do you know someone who is brave?

33. Who was Mohammad? How did he start Islam?

34. Who was Fatimah? Why is she important to Islam?

35. (No written Warm-up today.)

Week of 10/31

36. What do you think scared the people of the past?

37. What is calligraphy? How and why was it used? How is it used today?

38. What are the 5 pillars of Islam? Why are they important?

39.What were some of the Muslim achievements in Medicine? Why are they important today?

Week of 11/7

40. Some say that changing the time twice a year is unnecessary. Should we continue to fall-back and spring forward? Explain.

41.Read "The Growth of Cities" from pages 83-85. Describe either Bagdad or Cordoba, and explain why you would prefer to live there.

42. How did trade affect Muslim lands? What was traded?

Week of 11/14

43. Would you rather be in a tornado, a fire, or an earthquake? Explain.

44. The Hajj is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. What is it? What does it mean? Explain its components.

45. Who were the Ottomans? Who was Mehmed II? How were they able to take land from the Byzantine Empire? What changes were made?

46. How did the Safavids blend Persian and Muslim traditions? How was Safavid culture part of the empire's economy?

47. During the Mughal Empire, how did Akbar show tolerance to other religions? How did this change under later emperors?

Week of 11/28

48. What do you know about Cuba? Why do some governments like or dislike the United States?

49. What is a "Mosque?" Describe the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

50.Describe Muslim Textiles. What are they How do they look? What makes them special?

51. Who was Nebuchadnezzar? What was he known for?

Week of 12/5

52. What would you tell a small child if he/she asked you if Santa Claus was real?

53. What do you know about Pearl Harbor and World War II?

54.What new technology helped to change West Africa around 500 BC? What were the changes?How did they affect life in West Africa?

55. What do you know about the Sahara Desert? Describe its characteristics.

Week of 12/12

56. How would our lives be different if we did not use plastic bags or bottles? What problems do they cause?

57. Explain how family was important to village life in West Africa. (116-117)

58. Explain Trade in West Africa. Discuss how the camel, salt and gold affected their trade.

59. How will you "recharge your batteries" during the winter break?(Getting your mind ready for the new year.)

Week of 1/2

60. Describe the difficulty in crossing the Sahara Desert. Describe the trade that took place.

61. What were the main reasons for the downfall of Ancient Ghana?

62. How did Sundiata turn Mali into a prosperous Kingdom?

Week of 1/9

63. Describe the worst weather you have ever encountered. Did it have to do with heat, cold, wind, rain snow, or another weather condition?

64. Who was Mansa Musa? How did he impact history?

65. What are proverbs? Why are they useful in learning about other cultures? What is a proverb that you can relate to?

66. What do you know about Martin L. King, Jr.? What has or has not changed since his time?

Week of 1/16

68. Who was "Askia the Great?" Why was he called "Great?" What did he do for Songhai?

69. What caused Songhai to fall? Explain.

70. West Africans valued the arts. What types of art did they produce?

Week of 1/23

71. What practical advice would you give the new president?

72. During the 1960's, what types of sacrifices and acts of courage were made in order to help to end segregation in the South?

73. What is the difference between prejudice and racism? What causes them?

End of Semester