Social Studies Warm-ups
Semester 2

Warm-Up Questions

Warm-up questions are given at the beginning of each class, while the teacher takes roll and takes care of important business. The students have about 10 minutes of quiet time to write at least a paragraph answering the question. The week's questions should all be on a single paper which is turned in on the last day of the week for credit. The teacher uses the warm-ups to assess the student's knowledge, review important points, review class rules, and to promote later discussion. The warm-up questions are always discussed, so that the student may add to their responses. The student may make up any warm-up questions which are missed because of absence.

Week of 1/30

1. What is a "refugee?" What is a "terrorist?" How would you keep foreign terrorists from entering the United States?

2. What do you know about India?

3. Describe Mohenjo Daro.

4. Who were the Aryan people? How do we know about them?

Week of 2/6

5. What is the Caste System? How would you feel if you were in the higher castes? How would you feel if you were in the lower castes?

6. During World War II, millions of Jews were killed by the Nazi government led by Adolph Hitler. Why do you think the people of Germany let this happen?

Week of 2/13

7. Are you afraid of the ocean? What do you like or dislike about it? How do you feel about sharks?

8. What is Samsara (Reincarnation)?

9. What is Karma? What is Dharma? What is your individual Dharma?

Week of 2/22

10. Describe the Hindu idea of "Gods." Do Hindus practice "Monotheism" or "Polytheism?" Explain your answer.

11. What is "Peace?" How do you create peace around you? How do you find "Inner Peace?"

12. What are Buddha's "Four Noble Truths?" Explain them.

Week of 2/27

13. Why is it important to save and preserve ancient artifacts?

14. What is the Eightfold Path? How does it help to end suffering and for people to reach Nirvana?

15. Who was Asoka? What did he have to do with Buddhism? How did he help India?

Week of 3/6

16. From the information you give on the computer, what can someone learn about you? How can you protect yourself?

17. What were some of the scientific advances made by Ancient India?

18. What do you know about China?

Week of 3/13

19. What are the advantages of knowing more than one language? What new language would you learn if you could? Explain your choice.

20. What is a "Dynasty?" Describe the Xia Dynasty. How did we learn of it?

21. Explain the philosophy of Daoism.

Week of 3/20

22. Has food ever made you sick? What precautions are taken to keep us from getting sick from "bad" food?

23. You have just started a job in a fast food restaurant. You find out your supervisor is a legalist. Describe your first day on the job.

24. (Period 3 exempt because of assembly) What rights should working people have? In what ways should employers protect a workers health and safety.

Week of 4/3

25. How do you feel about "vending machines?" Are they good or bad? If you owned some, what would they sell? Be creative.

26. Describe the causes of the downfall of the Zhou Dynasty..

27. What were some POSITIVE results of the Qin Dynasty?

28. What were some NEGATIVE results of the Qin Dynasty?

Week of 4/10

29.Which idea is most effective: Confucianism or Legalism? Explain.

30. How did the Han Dynasty use Confucius' ideas?

Week of 4/17

31. What were some of the achievements from the Han Dynasty?

32. Describe the Silk Road. What was traded? How did it help China?

Week of 4/24

33. What is "Tradition?" What traditions did you see in the film "Fiddler on the Roof?" What traditions do you have in your family?

34.Who was Abraham? Who were the Hebrews? Why were the Hebrews "different" than other people of the time?

Week of 5/1

35. If you had a warning that a tornado was coming, and you could only save three items, what would they be?

36. Who was Saul, David and Solomon? Why are they important to Hebrew history?

37. What are the basic beliefs of the Jewish religion? Are they reflected in American culture today?

38. What are the basic Jewish holidays? What do they celebrate?

Week of 5/8

39. Do you like shopping malls? Why do you think that malls are not as popular as they used to be? How could they attract new customers?

40.What were the Dead Sea Scrolls? Why are they important?

41. What are the differences between the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim?

42. What are the Ten Commandments? How did they influence history? Are they still relevant?

Week of 5/15

43. Are you addicted to your cell phone? How would your life be different if all cell phones stopped working?

44. What do you know about ancient Greece?

45. Describe the geography of Greece. How did the land affect their lifestyle?

46. What is a "city-state?" Describe life in a Greek city-state.

Week of 5/22

47. Why do people pay taxes? What taxes do you pay? How do we make taxes fair for everyone?

48. Who were the Mycenaeans? What were they like? How were they similar to the Minoans?

49. What is the difference between Greek democracy and American democracy?

Week of 5/30

50.Why did the ancient Greeks believe in Mythology? What was the purpose of the stories about gods and heroes?

51. Who was Homer? What did he write? Why were his writings important?

52. Describe the city of Sparta.