Gilberto C. Gonzalez, Jr.

Meet Mr. Gonzalez

A Letter to Parents and Students

Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome! My name is Mr. Gilbert González and I am very happy that I will be teaching Social Studies and World History this year at here at CPMA. I am looking forward to a rewarding year full of new friends, new experiences and new knowledge.
I love teaching at CPMA. I truly feel that this school is one of the best in the district and I am proud to be part of its family. I have taught for more than thirty years in the San Diego School District. I grew up in San Diego and attended Bell Junior High and Morse High School. I earned a BA degree in English and Social Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. I received my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction: Integrated Teaching Through the Arts, through Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
When I was growing up, I always wanted to become a teacher. My parents and teachers encouraged me to follow my dream. I studied hard and focused on my goal. The schools in San Diego prepared me well for college. Although I attended a University in Los Angeles, I always knew that I would return to San Diego. I wanted to help others see that they, too, could achieve their dream.
I believe that all students can achieve their goals if they work hard and focus on the future. Every student has gifts which they must discover and nurture. It is my job to help students discover their gifts and to show students how to turn these gifts into a successful future. I want to give the students the tools they need to continue growing and learning. I don’t want students to “settle” for an “okay” grade, because I don’t want students to settle for lives which are just “okay.” I want the students to have opportunities to go places, do what they choose to do, and live where they want to live. I want all students to be successful.
I am credentialed by the State of California to teach English, History, and Computer Applications and Concepts. I have taught both middle school and high school. I have been certified “Highly Qualified” to teach elementary and secondary English, Reading, Language Arts, Drama Theater, History, Economics, Geography, Civics, Government and elementary general subjects. I am also credentialed to teach GATE classes and English Language Learners. I look forward to using my knowledge and experience to help my students become better learners. As a lifelong learner, I also want to learn more by working with my students to explore history and how it relates to modern times. Together, we will improve as historians, and as learners. My students will achieve.
I look forward to getting to know all of you this year. By working together, I am sure that we can make dreams come true. We will have a great year! Mr. González

Education and Certification:

• -------Master of Education (M.Ed)----Curriculum and Instruction: Integrated Teaching Through the Arts (2011)

--------Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

• Computer Concepts and Applications Certification (Teaching Credential) (1996)

--------University of San Diego

• Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Certification (1994)

-------San Diego City Schools, San Diego, California

• Language Development Specialist Certificate (1991)

-------San Diego, California

• San Diego Area Writing Project Writer's Outreach (1985) and Institute (1988)

-------University of California at San Diego

• California Single Subject Teaching Credential (Life) (English/History)

-------Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California (1981)

• Bachelor of Arts Degree (Major-English, Minor-History)

-------Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California (1980)

• High School Diploma-with Academic Distinction

-------Samuel F.B. Morse High School--San Diego, California (1976)

No Child Left Behind
Rated Highly Qualified for the following:

• Social Science: History, Economics, Geography, Civics and Government (Secondary)

• Visual and Performance Art: Drama and Theater (Secondary)

• English, Reading, Language Arts (Secondary)

• General Subjects ( Elementary)


Employment History

• 2005-Present---6th Grade Teacher----Social Studies, World History----Creative Performing Media Arts Middle School-San Diego, California

• 1984-2005---6th, 7th and 8th Grade Teacher----(English, Sheltered Social Studies and History, ESL, GATE, Journalism,Yearbook),----Keiller Middle School- San Diego, California

• 1990-1991--------Member of the California State Assessment (CAP, CLAS) Reading and Writing Development Team, Sacramento, California

• Summer 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1994 ---------Early Academic Outreach Writing Teacher-- University of California at San Diego (UCSD), San Diego, California

• 1983-1984 ----Achievement Goals Program Teacher----Morse High School, San Diego, California

• 1981-1983----San Diego City Schools Substitute Teacher


Clubs and Organizations: Former and Present

• Association of Mexican American Educators

• California Association of Teachers of English

• National Council of Teachers of English

• California Association for the Gifted

• California Council for the Social Studies

• Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

• Computer Using Educators (CUE)



• San Diego Area Writing Project Fellow--Outreach 1985, Leadership Institute 1988, Open Program 2008

• School site student teacher supervisor for National University

• Member of the California State Assessment (CAP, CLAS) Reading and Writing Development Team (1990-1991)

• Edna McConnell Clark Middle School Reform Committee member (1998-2000)

• Teacher/Advisor for Award winning Cougar Times Newspaper-3rd Place (1999) and 1st place (2000) San Diego County Fair Journalism Competition

• Who's Who in American Teachers (1998)

• Keiller English/ Humanities/English as a Second Language- Department Chair

• Keiller Governance Team member

• Keiller School Site Council member

• Program Quality Review Evaluation Team member (SDCS)

• History Textbook Adoption Committee Member (1999 and 2006)

• Former Video Clearing House committee member-San Diego County Department of Education

• CPMA Governance Team member (2006)

• Nominee-CPMA Teacher of the Year (2006)

• Voted by students--Most Creative Teacher (2010), Most Spirited (2011), Best Lessons (2012), Most School Spirit (2014)

CPMA Teacher of the Year(2016)

San Diego Unified School District Middle School Teacher of the Year--Finalist (2016)