Social Studies 6 Notebook Assignments

Notebooks must be checked periodically by parent or guardian.

Notebooks are 30% of the student's grade. Please check often for neatness and completeness.

Notebook Rules

1. Name, Subject, period and teacher's name must be both on the outside and inside cover.
2. Keep the Notebook neat, clean and organized.
3. The Notebook is only to be used for History.
4. Do not tear out pages.
5. Do not use the notebook or pages for warm-ups.
6. Bring your Notebook to class everyday..
7. If you lose your Notebook, the work must be redone.
8. Put the Name and the Number of the assignment at the top of each page.
9. Keep the assignment list up-to-date.
10. No other assignments but the required assignments go into the Notebook.
11. If the Notebook gets unusable or loses its cover, you must provide a new one.
12. Notebooks are 30% of your grade. Don't lose them!

Notebook Assignments

1. Notebook Rules--Copy the above 12 rules into the notebook.

2. Vocabulary Definitions--Give the definitions of the Key terms found on pages 6 and 12.

3. 10 notes on the first part of the video "Birth of Civilization." If the student was absent, 10 notes on Early man from the textbook.

4. Early Man Vocabulary Word Search Puzzle

5. Early Man Crossword Puzzle

Notebook assignments 1-5 was checked the week of October17.

6. Hand drawn copy of Mesopotamian map found on page 57.

7. 10 notes on the video on Mesopotamia. (If the student was absent, 10 notes from the book on Mesopotamia.

8. 10 Notes on the "Day of the Dead" video. If the student was absent, 10 notes about the "Day of the Dead" from any other source.

9. Class notes on Mesopotamian achievements.

10. Word search Mesopotamian Review

11. Crossword Puzzle Mesopotamian Review

12. 10 Notes on video "Mysteries of Egypt." (If the student was absent, 10 notes from the text on the geography of Egypt.)

13. Notes on Video "Egypt (Arizona Smith)." (If the student was absent, 10 notes from the text or any other source on Egypt."

14. Your name in Hieroglyphics.

15. Gods/Goddess chart placed into notebook (see Egypt god/goddess project)

Notebooks assignments 6 to 15 were be checked the week of January 16.

Semester 2

16. Egypt Wordsearch.

17. Egypt Crossword Puzzle

18. 10 notes on Martin Luther King, Jr. video. (If student was absent, 10 notes about MLK from any other source.)

19. 10 notes on the video, "Selma, Lord, Selma." (if student was absent, 10 notes about the civil rights movement of the 60's from any other source.) (Student may also put 10 notes on the video "The Wave."

20. Class notes--India Caste Chart (see textbook)

21. Classwork--Answer all parts of questions 1-5 on page 155.

22. Class notes on Hinduism.

23. India Word Search

24. India Crossword Puzzle

25. Class notes on Buddha and his ideas. If no class notes are available, 10 notes on the Buddha and his philosophy taken from the textbook will suffice.

Notebook assignments 16-25 checked the week of March 13.

26. Class notes on China Dynasties. (if absent 10 notes from the book about the 5 ancient Chinese dynasties.

27. Class notes on Ancient Chinese philosophies. (if absent 10 notes from the book about the 3 ancient Chinese philosophies).

28. Confucius Sayings Chart. Five of Confucius' sayings and their meanings.

29. 10 notes on the Video "Ancient China." (If absent 10 notes from the book>)
30. Shi Huangdi Video notes. 10 notes about the video. (if absent 10 notes from the book about legalism or Qin Shi Huangdi.

31. Ancient China Crossword Puzzle

32. Ancient China Wordsearch

33. Ten notes on traditions of the Jewish religion (from Fiddler on the Roof or other source.)

34. 10 notes about the video "Prince of Egypt." (If absent, 10 notes about Moses and the Exodus from another source.)

35. Class notes--"Ancient Judaism." (Also found on Web site.)

Notebook will be checked the week of May 8."

37. Ancient Israel Wordsearch Vocabulary Review Puzzle

38. 10 notes on the video "Ancient Greece." (or 10 notes from another source).