In order for our students to achieve their highest potential, I expect all students to bring their materials to class everyday. No excuses!

Class Materials

I expect students to bring all their materials to class each day.

Materials needed for class:
Students are expected to bring:

1. A well organized binder (for handouts, paper and other supplies.)

2. The CPMA Student Handbook/Planner (if available)

3. At least three black or blue ink pens and three sharpened pencils.

4. A generous supply of lined paper.

5. A Spiral Notebook (70 or more pages) (This should be a single subject notebook, since it will be used only for Social Studies class. It will be turned in periodically for 30% of the student's grade. Three or four will be needed for the entire school year. )

6. All required class work and homework.

A personal PENCIL SHARPENER will insure that the student does not have to leave his/her seat during lessons.

A flash drive will also be useful for storing student projects.

Because of the many projects, students will want to have a ruler, a personal set of colored pencils or markers (No permanent markers), and various other art supplies.